Zwetschkenröster Darbo Plum Sauce

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Zwetschkenröster Darbo

Plum sauce as a traditional Austrian garnish to Kaiserschmarrn or other desserts.

Kaiserschmarrn is one of the most well-known typical dishes in Austria. If you order Kaiserschmarrn in an Austrian inn, you will usually get a sweet sauce made from cooked plums, called plum roaster. It can also be served with other sweet dishes such as curd cheese dumplings, crepes or waffles.

The jar contains 380 grams of plum jam from the renowned Austrian company Darbo, which specializes in the production of traditional jams and syrups.

Ingredients: plums 80%, sugar, apples, lemon juice concentrate, currant juice concentrate, cinnamon.

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Zwetschkenröster Darbo

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