Wild Cranberry Jam Darbo 200g

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Wild Cranberry Jam Darbo

Wild cranberry jam Darbo from Austria. Darbo Fruchtreich Wild Preiselbeere jam with 70% fruit.

Darbo Naturrein Fruchtreich jams are made on the basis of an old family recipe. Then as now, only high-quality fruits are gently warmed up and stirred. So the natural fruit aroma is preserved. In addition, the high fruit content of up to 70% ensures an unforgettable taste experience.

Cranberries, sugar, lemon juice concentrate and the gelling agent pectin are used for Darbo natural jams. Artificial colors and preservatives are left out at Darbo Fruchtreich jams.

Darbo cranberry jam is produced by the Austrian company Darbo, which has been operating since 1879 and is known for its quality jam and syrups. Darbo is located in Tyrol, the alpine heart of the Austrian mountains.

Wild cranberries not only have a high vitamin and mineral content, their acidic fruit juice has a natural antibiotic effect on bacteria and infections. The Indians of North America already knew about this property of the red fruit and used cranberry juice to disinfect wounds. 

The wild cranberry is a widely appreciated and popular fruit in the kitchen, especially as an accompaniment to game dishes and Wiener Schnitzel. Because of its acidic taste, which is due to the high proportion of fruit acids (e.g. benzoic, ascorbic and salicylic acid), it is rarely eaten raw, but mostly as a preparation in the form of compotes and jams. Because of the content of ascorbic acid (synonym: vitamin C), benzoic and salicylic acid, which have a preserving effect on food, products made from cranberries are usually well preserved.

Wild cranberry jam Darbo Austrian

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