Wild Cranberries Darbo 600g

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Wild Cranberries Darbo

Wild cranberry jam Darbo in decorative glass - beautiful and tasty gift from Austria. Darbo Fruchtreich Wild Preiselbeere jam with 55% fruit.

The best cranberries in the world grow in the wild in Scandinavia. Only selected cranberries from this region are used for Darbo wild cranberry compote. The fine-bitter taste of the Darbo cranberry compote gives exquisite game and meat dishes as well as various desserts a special note.

Fruit, sugar, lemon juice concentrate and the gelling agent pectin are processed for Darbo Naturrein wild cranberry compote. The Darbo wild cranberry compote already contains dyes and preservatives outside the law. 

The ingredients of the Darbo wild cranberry compote are naturally gluten-free. Fruit content: 55%.

Darbo cranberry jam is produced by the Austrian company Darbo, which has been operating since 1879 and is known for its quality jam and syrups. Darbo is located in Tyrol, the alpine heart of the Austrian mountains.

Wild cranberries not only have a high vitamin and mineral content, their acidic fruit juice has a natural antibiotic effect on bacteria and infections. The Indians of North America already knew about this property of the red fruit and used cranberry juice to disinfect wounds. 

Wild Cranberries Darbo 600 Austria jam

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