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Strawberry Jam Staud’s Vienna

High quality strawberry jam Staud’s with a very high proportion of fruit. Made from 60 grams of strawberries per 100 grams of jam. Does not contain any additional sugar, but is only sweetened with apple fruit sweetness and apple juice concentrate!

Strawberry jam Austria

Ingredients strawberry jam Staud’s ingredients: strawberries 60%, apple fruit sweetness, apple juice concentrate, gelling agent pectin, lemon juice concentrate.

The strawberry jam from Staud’s is made from hand-picked premium fruit. Thanks to the careful processing of the fruits, the fruity aromas are retained.

Strawberry jam without preservatives.
Strawberry jam with no artificial additives.
Energy calories per 100g: 754 kJ / 177 kcal

The glass has the following dimensions: height 11.3 cm and diameter 6.6 cm. Staud's Strawberry Jam Calories Nutritional Value per 100 grams: 749 kJ (177 kcal). Carbohydrates 42g, of which sugar 40g.

A possibly darker color of the fruit spread is due to the addition of apple juice concentrate. And in no way affects the quality of the product.

The Austrian family company Staud's was founded in the Hungarian-Austrian monarchy in 1883. Since then, the company has always been based in Vienna, at Wiener Brunnenmarkt in the Ottakring district. Customers appreciate Staud's as a guarantor of high-quality jams (and also pickled vegetables), which are produced according to traditional recipes, without artificial preservatives and with an extra high percentage of fruit. Managing Director Hans Staud heads the company, although he is often behind the counter himself in his Vienna business. He is also known as the king of jams in Vienna and even exports more than a third of the jams abroad.

What is typical of all Staud's jams can be seen today on many copies from other jam producers: the octagonal glass. This was mentioned by the Staud; including a black or white closure, and is still a trademark for this Viennese quality. The lid is always decorated with a painting by the famous Viennese painter Gustav Klimt.

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strawberry jam Staud’s Vienna Austria

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