Raspberry Jam Fruchtreich Darbo 200g

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Raspberry Jam Darbo

Very high quality raspberry jam from the Austrian company Darbo with a high proportion of 70% fruit.

Ingredients: raspberries 70%, sugar, pectin, lemon juice.

Darbo Naturrein Fruchtreich jams are made on the basis of an old family recipe. Then as now, only high-quality fruits are gently warmed and stirred. So the natural fruit aroma is preserved. In addition, the high fruit content of up to 70% ensures an unforgettable taste experience.

In 1879, the Darbo family started making jams and jams. Even today, Darbo jams are still prepared according to a traditional Tyrolean recipe. They are carefully warmed and stirred. In this way, valuable vitamins and the natural fruit aroma are retained.

austrian Raspberry Jam Darbo Fruchtreich

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