Black Currant Jam Tiroler Früchteküche

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Black Currant Jam Tiroler Früchteküche

Black currant jam (Austrian: Ribisel) from the Unterweger Tiroler Früchteküche company.

Buy high-quality black currant jam from Austria.

Fruit portion: 55%

Selected fruit, granulated sugar, pectin and real lemon juice are refined with love in the traditional Tyrolean company for the popular Tiroler Früchteküche jams. Only the best and most exquisite fruits are processed in a process that has been tried and tested for decades and continuously developed, whereby the natural fruit aroma is retained.

In 1931 Ignaz and Josef Unterweger founded the Unterweger company. Unterweger Tiroler Früchteküche GmbH is a family business from East Tyrol in Austria, which is managed by the third generation. The top premise, in the more than 80 years of existence, is to manufacture products of the highest quality and special enjoyment.

Black Currant Jam Austria Vienna

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