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Manner Wafers


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Manner wafers gift box Vienna

The Manner gift box with Manner wafers and gingerbread distinguishes itself by first-class Austrian quality from Vienna. The Manner gift box contains 8 delicious products of the famous Austrian company Manner.

Manner wafers gift box Austria

The Manner gift box contain:

- Manner delicate wafers Milk Vanilla
- Manner jam heart gingerbread
- Manner Weinbeisser gingerbread
- Manner Mio Choco
- Nut cubes Manner
- Manner Neapolitaner wafer
- Manner lemon wafer
- Manner Schnitten Schoko

Manner wafers gift box

Manner wafers are packed in a decorative cardboard box made of corrugated, dark cardboard with a transparent lid and a decorative loop (color: red or gold).

We will gladly exchange one product for another (if size allows). We can also wrap the gift box with gold instead of red. The Manner gift box is still packed in another non-transparent box. If you want to make changes to the contents of the package, please write your request in the field "Note" at the end of the order. We will then contact you by e-mail.

Now you do not have to think about what gift to give to a wife or girlfriend for a birthday or Christmas. Beautiful Manner gift box is full of sweet premium austrian quality.

Original Neapolitaner Manner wafers are the classic and world-famous Manner wafers from Vienna, Austria. The crispy Manner wafers are the  delicious waffles filled with the finest hazelnut cream layers.

We are pleased to announce, that we deliver Austrian Manner wafers gift box to USA, Great Britain (UK), Canada, Australia, China, Singapore, Japan - and worldwide.

The founder of Manner company, Josef Manner, ran a small shop in Vienna near St. Stephen's Cathedral, where he sold chocolates and coffee. But he was not satisfied with the quality and founded his own chocolate factory "Josef Manner" in 1890. The famous St. Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna was chosen as a company logo and remains today on all Manner wafers and gingerbread as a landmark of the Manner company.

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Manner wafers gift box Austria Vienna buy

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