Julius Meinl Ground Coffee Jubiläum 500g

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Julius Meinl Ground Coffee Jubiläum

This premium austrian Julius Meinl coffee is roasted gently lighter in a typical Viennese roast. The blend of the best highland coffees in Central America and Papua New Guinea was brought onto the market for the 100th anniversary of Julius Meinl Coffee and is still a delight today.

Roast: medium
Aroma: pleasantly spicy, rounded
Taste: full-bodied, fine acidity, full-bodied

Ingredients: roasted coffee, ground.

Austrian coffee producer Julius Meinl is proud to have been THE ambassador of Viennese coffee house culture since 1862. With its status as the first professional coffee roaster in Europe and constant innovation, Julius Meinl has established a unique and highly successful coffee culture that is rooted in Viennese tradition.

Julius Meinl was the first in the world to offer roasted coffee beans. Not only was he a good trader, he was also a gifted inventor. In 1877 he invented the technique of drum roasting coffee. This is where the company's success begins. Until now, it was only possible to buy green coffee and fry it in a pan at home.

The Julius Meinl logo depicts the young Ottoman and is today an iconic symbol famous all over the world. It depicts a young man wearing a fez (red headdress with a tassel) and pays tribute to the historical influence of the Turkish Empire, which brought coffee to Vienna in 1683. The logo was designed in 1924 by the well-known Viennese artist Josef Binder.

Julius Meinl coffee Jubiläum ground Austria Vienna shop

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