Hallstatt Photo Book

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Hallstatt Photo Book.

Hallstatt Photo Book: Hallstatt - Dachstein – Salzkammergut.

Book A4, 192 pages, ca. 180 pictures.

Language: German

It is a wonderful landscape that opens up here, whether from Lake Hallstatt, from the Dachstein summit or from the Gosau. Adalbert Stifter was inspired, for example, to his novel "Bergkristall", Alexander von Humboldt even spoke of Hallstatt as the most beautiful seaside resort in the world.

In 1997, the region was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List for the following reason: "The alpine region of Hallstatt-Dachstein-Salzkammergut is an extraordinary example of a natural landscape of unique beauty and scientific significance, which also testifies to past economic and cultural activity. It combines everything together in a harmonious and mutually complementary way."

Hallstatt, the architectural jewel in a breathtakingly beautiful location, is the core of the whole and thus also of the book: the picturesque sea resort with the oldest salt mines in the world is the most important prehistoric site of Central Europe. Way of life and traditions are rooted in this long history.
In addition to the rich history, the region's lively traditions are as well documented as their festivals, craftsmen and their cuisine. People who are lucky enough to live here come to the floor. The Hausberg Dachstein is devoted to its own chapter, as the unique natural space places the magnificent staple.
At the end of each chapter is an English-language summary.

Many refer to Hallstatt as the most beautiful sea resort in the world. Hallstatt is a UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage Site since 1997. Hallstatt is located in the Salzkammergut in Upper Austria, Austria, and is located on Lake Hallstatt.

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Hallstatt Photo Book

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