Kirstein Milch Blockmalz

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Kirstein Milk Blockmalt

Kirstein Milch Blockmalz to buy. Kirsteins Milk Blockmalz sweets are produced since 1877 according to the family secret recipe with liquid milk.

Kirstein Milch Blockmalz candy

Kirstein Milch Blockmalz candy - sweets Made in Austria.

The Kirstein Milch Blockmalz, which you know from your childhood, are back! Legendary milk-malt candy, which are made in Austria, you can order in our online shop to bring your memories to life. 

Kirstein Milch Blockmalz Austria

For more than 140 years Kirstein Milch Blockmalz candy has been available. The delicious sweets were invented in 1877 by Ludwig Kirstein. What do these popular Viennese candies actually consist of? A complete recipe is of course a tightly guarded family secret, but we can mention the most important ingredients. It is malt, fresh whole milk, cream, butter and sugar. In addition, Kirstein Milk Block Malt is very beneficial for throat and throat problems such as hoarseness, cough, asthma or bronchial cancer.

Kirstein Milch Blockmalz ingredients: Whole milk (32%), sugar, glucose syrup, barley malt extract (8%), cream, butter, acidity regulator sodium carbonate, salt.

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Kirstein Milch Blockmalz Zuckerl Austria online Vienna

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