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Swiss Stone Pine Chocolate Honey.

Swiss Stone Pine Chocolate with Honey.

The combination of the finest dark chocolate (68% cocoa content), the best milk chocolate (33.5% cocoa content), sweet honey, light-bodied stone pine and high-quality marzipan.

Zirbe is one of the pine trees and is a "five-nadir." The pine or arve (pinus cembra) grows up to 2650m above sea level, it is tough, bursting with the weather and the wind and is frosthart down to -40 ° C Age of 200 to 1,000 years. Spinosylvin is stored in the cones in high concentration, it supports well-being and health. Cyren causes low cardiac rates during physical and mental stresses, during resting phases the vegetative recovery process is significantly accelerated. Our Zirbenschnaps comes from the Pinzgau, the cones were prepared in 65% alcohol.

Family business Bauer was founded in 1908, with residence in St. Johann im Pongau (Salzburg) and produces handmade chocolates from the best ingredients.

Ingredients: cocoa mass, whole milk, austrian honey, pine schnapps, milk sugar, cocoa butter, marzipan, nuts, almonds, lecithin and vanillin.

Min. 40% cocoa content.

Swiss Stone Pine Chocolate Honey Zirbe