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Rowanberry Chocolate - Whole milk chocolate with Rowan schnapps.

Rowan schnapps and chocolate ... one wonders how two different products should be matched. But Chocolatier Wolfgang Bauer and "Schnapsbrenner" Heinrich Rainer tried it and came to a special mixture. The birdberry nose gives the chocolate a wonderfully intense aroma after bitter almonds and marzipan. The chocolate itself is a mixture of dark and white chocolate. The Vogelbeerschnaps, the delicious chocolate mixture, marzipan and almonds merge to a taste experience of a special kind.

Vogelbeerschnaps has a long tradition, especially in Salzburg, Tyrol and Styria, as is the case with Grünegg Bauer Heinrich Rainer. The roaches for this fire originate from mountain ash at the altitude of Dienten at the Hochkönig (1071m-1900m). The rowanberry is a tree that appears both in nature and in culture as ornamental tree. For this fire only berries of wild growing plants are used, which are much more interesting for the distillation than those of cultured rowanberries. They yield much less yield through their much lower sugar content, but they pass on the much more intense, stronger flavor of bitter almonds and marzipan to the distillate. This noble brandy is therefore characterized by a spicy character and a subtle bitter almond tone, but is also highly appreciated by his birdcage. It is intended Help with colds, rheumatic complaints, diabetes, kidney and urinary tract diseases and stimulate the metabolism.

Ingredients: Kakaomasse, Vollmilch, Vogelbeerschnaps (65 % Alk.), Michlzucker, Kakaobutter, Marzipan, Nüsse, Mandeln, Lecithin und Vanillin.

Cocoa content min. 40%.

Family business Bauer was founded in 1908, with residence in St. Johann im Pongau (Salzburg) and produces handmade chocolates from the best ingredients.

Rowanberry Chocolate 

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