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Stone Pine Liquid Soap

Natural alpine stone pine liquid soap with essential organic stone pine oil from the Swiss stone pine tree.

Pine liquid soap in a practical dispenser, which will surely become an essential part of your hygiene in the bathroom.

Swiss stone pine liquid soap smells wonderfully of the alpine forest, thanks to the content of stone pine oil it has considerable disinfectant effects. The hand soap is clear, without chemical dyes.

Content: 140 ml

The transparent plastic dispenser can be used several times. We also recommend buying a 1 liter stone pine liquid soap that will last a very long time as a supply.

The Swiss stone pine (Pinus cembra) is a very hardy pine species that grows in the highest areas of the Alps at around 2000 meters above sea level and only in a few places. As one of the few conifers that can withstand very harsh climatic conditions, frosts can even withstand temperatures down to -40 ° C. Thanks to the resilience of the Swiss stone pine, the products made from it are considered to strengthen people and their health. The pine is called the "Queen of the Alps" for its adaptability to mountain conditions.

Tyrolean company Unterweger was founded in 1886 by the brothers Johann and Ignaz Unterweger. As Tyrol's first mountain pine oil distillery, conifer oils were already presented at the World Exhibition in Barcelona in 1889. Unterweger company produces various Swiss stone pine products.

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