Manner Wafers Neapolitain Gift Package 18pcs - Christmas Edition

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Manner Neapolitaner Christmas Edition

Manner Neapolitain Gift Package 18pcs - Christmas Edition.

Manner Neapolitain Gift Package 18pcs - Christmas Edition. Package size: 31 x 26 x 4 cm.

The original Manner Neapolitaner wafers in the giant-size pack as christmas edition. Especially for extra large pleasure or as a giant surprise for friends or family!

The Manner Original Neapolitan Wafers are Manner's classic and best selling product and have become a symbol of Viennese culture and lifestyle. Manner’s beloved wafers have been a part of our lives for many generations. Give in to temptation and enjoy a piece of history!

Manner wafers are made of five layers of tender wafers filled with four layers of delicate hazelnut cocoa cream, containing 12% hazelnuts in the cream. The wafers are cut into bite-sized pieces and are available in the convenient 75g package.

Documented first in 1898 those delicous wafers were named as "Neapolitaner wafers No.239". The basic recipe of the bite-sized wafers (47 x 17 x 17 mm) with 4 layers of creamy filling in 5 layers of wafers hasnt changed since 1898. Becoming the most successful Austrian product of sweets - Manner Neapolitaner wafers are still the No. 1 of Austrian sweets.

The traditional family-owned company Mannerproduces exclusively in Austria and bestows great care on the products. This allows Manner to unite generations and evoke sweet memories.

- Over 100 years of original Austrian recipes according to strict quality criteria
- No hydrogenated fats
- No artificial colors or preservatives

Manner Neapolitain Gift Package 18pcs Christmas Edition

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