Manner Gingerbread Almond Brittle

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Manner Gingerbread Almond Brittle

Manner gingerbread almond are tasty gingerbreads with extraordinary taste of marzipan, covered with dark chocolate and sprinkled with small almond pieces. An exquisite gingerbread specialty for true gourmets!

Manner Gingerbread Almond

Manner gingerbread almond in our personal experience: Immediately after opening the bag, I smelled a pleasant smell of almonds, which is a bit unusual for gingerbread. Almond Gingerbread has a rather thick layer of dark chocolate on the surface and together with the scent of almonds makes a slightly bitter taste. For those who do not like to sweet gingerbread, this is the first choice. The taste is unmistakable and if you only eat a few gingerbread, you are overpowered with taste.

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Manner Gingerbread Almond Vienna

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