Katzenzungen Küfferle Cat tongues

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Katzenzungen Küfferle Cat tongues

Katzenzungen Küfferle Cat tongues order online. The popular Katzenzungen in the ultra-thin "Katzenzungenform" - the original!

Katzenzungen Küfferle Cat tongues

Katzenzungen Küfferle Cat tongues.

Küfferle Katzenzungen - Full milk chocolate - for 120 years from Austria.

Küfferle Katzenzungen Kalories 100g: 562 kcal / 2352 kJ

Hofbauer Company was founded in 1882 in Vienna-Margareten by Carl Hofbauer. In 1972 Hofbauer took over the tavern Kuefferle with its well-known katzenzungen.

Küfferle Katzenzungen packaging: 18 pcs. Katzenzungen

Kuefferle cat tongues are an approximately five to eight centimeter long chocolate confectionary vaguely reminiscent of the shape of a tongue of cats. They are similar in shape to spoonbiscuits, which are also known as langue-de-chat in French. The Austrian company Küfferle has been producing the tines since 1892.

Küfferle Katzenzungen Ingredients: Zucker, Kakaobutter, VollMILCHpulver, Kakaomasse, MagerMILCHpulver, Emulgator (SOJAlecithin), Aroma.

Katzenzungen Küfferle Cat tongues

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