Manner Milk Vanilla Light Wafers

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Manner Milk Vanilla Light Wafers

Manner soft waffles are available in various varieties, including milk vanilla flavor. The soft wafers are very airy thanks to two thin wafer layers and creamy coffee filling and thanks to that they pass wonderfully on the tongue. The Manner milk vanilla light wafers are packaged in a resealable bag of 200g. So you can simply open the packaging several times, nibble and close again.

Manner Milk Vanilla Wafers

Delicate Milk Vanilla Manner Wafers in our personal experience: I admit that vanilla waffles are generally not my favorite variety. Maybe I was used by other waffles manufacturers to artificial flavors that you already recognize by smell. This type of vanilla waffle surprised me pleasantly and when we opened it at home, they disappeared at supersonic speed. Manner Zartwafelln are cut into small, thin squares and from the classic Manner waffles they also differ in their consistency - they are really very tender. Vanilla flavor is not intrusive, it's completely natural but strong enough. This taste is achieved by real Bourbon vanilla extract.

The Viennese company Manner produces the Manner milk vanilla wafers with great thorouggness exclusively in Austria - so when you search for something really "Made in Austria", the manner wafers are the real thing for you. Manner emphasises great importance to the production in order to enjoy an excellent Manner wafers quality. Traditional Manner original recipes keep the strict quality criteria: produced without hydrogenated fats, no additional chemical colors or preservatives.

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