Austria Photo Book English

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Austria Photo Book English Edition.

Austria Photo Book English.

Language: English

Book A4, 160 pages, 262 pictures.

The great scenic beauty of Austria is captured in this picturesque guide, traveling from Lake Constance in the west to Lake Neusidler in the east. The country’s natural diversity is outlined, depicting how it ranges from granite and gneiss highlands to the lush foothills of the Alps’ Carpathian Mountains and from the flatlands of the Vienna Basin to the lowlands of the east. Austria’s rich and turbulent history is touched upon and its magnificent architecture is revealed through the impressive monastery of Melk as well as many medieval castles and lavish palaces. The Festspiele in Salzburg and the art collection in Vienna are detailed, demonstrating the grand cultural legacy of the old imperial and royal monarchy. Beautifully photographed, this handbook highlights Austria in its full variety: its diverse countryside, towns and cities, and rivers and mountains. Additional features relate its culinary specialties, the musical genius of Mozart, the Hallstatt Period, the myth of Empress Elisabeth, and of a genius Viennese institution—the venerable "Kaffeehaus."

Author: Marion Voigt, Martin Siepmann

Austria Photo Book English

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